Aarhus School of Architecture offers an academic education centred around three approaches to architecture – An artistic, a scientific, and a practice-based. Our vision We believe that architecture should influence the world and create sustainable settings for people who live in it. This is why we educate architects who, through new ideas and relevant solutions, can create value for the community in a changing world.


Aarhus School of Architecture wants to strengthen digitalisation in architecture from design to material processing to realisation. We are looking for applicants with strong architectural skills in digital fabrication, materials and/or robotic fabrication and rele-vant research experience which corresponds to the requirements for an assistant professorship. We expect you to have hands-on experience from computational de-sign and digital fabrication and knowledge of traditional and new materials, building and production processes as well as general knowledge of building technologies and tectonics. It will be an advantage that you are interested in and have knowledge of the interaction between materials, technologies, and construction, and an engagement in cultural and historical perspectives that corresponds to your technological focus.

The assistant professorship is focused on exploring the processing of building materi-als and building components by means of digital production methods and tech-niques, with the aim of developing the area for the benefit of architectural practice, research, and teaching. This might, for instance, be studies of digital workflows from design to production, or how the processing of materials through digital fabrication technologies can promote tectonic, tactile and sensual qualities in ordinary buildings.

An assistant professorship is a three-year position with research and teaching as prin-cipal responsibilities. The position may also, to a limited extent, involve administrative work or cross-institutional and external cooperation. Aarhus School of Architecture will ensure that the assistant professor receives supervision and opportunities for educational skills development.

We are looking to fill this position from 1 January 2020. Remuneration will be in accordance with the collective agreement with the Danish Confederation of Profes-sional Associations (AC-fællesoverenskomsten).

The affiliation of the assistant professorship
The assistant professorship will be affiliated with Research Lab 2, Technology, Build-ing Cultures and Habitation, and its related teaching programme. Our research aims at bridging current gaps between architectural theory and practice, through investi-gations into computational design, scripting, robotic fabrication, material agency, component modules, augmented fabrication, advanced manufacturing and con-struction, amongst many others. Your research will contribute to the above.

The teaching activities of the positions will be affiliated with the teaching programme Technology, Building Cultures and Habitation, which comprises teaching at bachelor and master level. The academic range of the research lab is reflected in the teaching programme, which, based on habitation, works with different emphases on the men-tioned subject areas.

We invite you to be part of a dynamic research and teaching environment, ranging from practising in our workshop facilities and desk tutorials to academic research. You should share our interest and engagement in history and theory and have a moti-vation for exploring architecture by means of digital and physical tools through inves-tigations into robotic fabrication and assembly. Investigations may span from the subtractive to the formative and additive across a range of materials including con-crete, clay, wood, stone, and steel.

Aarhus School of Architecture invites all who have the relevant qualifications to apply, but will give preference to applications that are based on studies closely related to research by design – a prioritised focus area of the school.

Requirements for applicants and applications
Employment as assistant professor requires scientific qualifications at PhD level or equivalent within the subject area of the position.

To apply for this position, fill in the application form in the link below . You will be required to upload an application in which you give an account of your research and teaching interests relating to the subject area of the position. The total length of the application must not exceed six pages (A4).

Name, address, email address and the title of the position you apply for must be stated on the first page of the application.

You are also required to upload the following:
• A copy of your certificate for the exams you have passed on the master’s level and on the PhD level
• Your CV
• A portfolio containing selected examples of your professional, artistic, academic and/or teaching-based practice (no more than 20 MB)
• A list of publications

Applications must be sent digitally (as PDFs) and must have been received by the school no later than 12.00 noon (CET) on 15 October 2019.

More information
Questions about the positions can be directed to Associate Professor Jonathan Foote at +45 8936 0329 or jofo@aarch.dk.



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